Leatherware: Briefcase, leather bag, covers and sheet holders

Leather bags and Briefcase for men

Lokman Aldabag offers you an ancestral know-how dating back more than 100 years, originating more exactly from the old Medina of Fez, revisited and modernized to suit the needs of 21st century professionals.

Our collection is 100 handmade in Morocco by dedicated and passionate artisans to offer you bespoke items according to your need:

Leather bag, Crossbody bag, Briefcase, covers for Mac or small leather goods such as wallet or card holders.

What kind of leather do we use?

The leather we use is a Moroccan cowhide of the best quality of the full-grain type, this is the best possible quality of a leather.
Here is an image that details the different qualities of leather:

How are our articles designed?

All our articles are handcrafted, handmade by seasoned Moroccan craftsmen and concerned with detail.

What customization do we offer in our articles?

We offer to customize your Aldabag items with hot stamping or with gold or silver foil of your initials, your first name or your personality type.

Where do we deliver?

We deliver anywhere in Morocco for free, and worldwide according to the following fee table: